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Pre-planning your funeral

Planning your funeral in advance can bring peace of mind.  By writing down some ideas for your funeral, your family and friends will find it easier to arrange a fitting tribute in your memory. 

Please Contact Us and we will arrange to meet and discuss it all.

Putting plans in place

One of the easiest ways of setting out your wishes is in your Will. If you do not have a Will, you should leave written details, signed and dated, for your family and inform them of plans that you have already put in place.

If you would like us to be your funeral director, we would be very happy to discuss, draw up and hold any funeral wished that you would like with no advance payment required. Many people welcome the opportunity to pass on some of the responsibility, and we can assure you that we will deal with your interests with professionalism and sensitivity.  

Special requests

You can design every element of the funeral if you decide this is what you would like. Here are some things to think about:

Service - You may have specific requests, such as hymns, music, readings or people who you’d like to be involved.  If you are planning a religious service, it’s a good idea to talk to your minister.  Traditional funeral services are held in a church, or at a crematorium, but you may decide you’d like a less traditional funeral, or one with a theme.  Talk your ideas through with your family, or ask us if you have any unusual requests.

Burial/Cremation - You may have specific ideas about where you would like to be buried, or where you would like your ashes to go. Also, you may like to reserve a burial space please speak to us.

Other things you could think about would be whether you would like a headstone, or other permanent memorial, or whether you would prefer a tree or plant in your memory.

Flowers/Donations - If you have a particular charity in mind for friends and family to donate in your memory, you should write this in your will or in your list of funeral requests.  You can also decide whether to ask for floral tributes from everyone, or just close family. 


Find all our costs on our Funeral Costs page.


Make sure your relatives know about your wishes, and how to access the paperwork relating to them.

The best way to ensure that all your wishes are carried out is to leave details in your will. Keep a copy of your will at home, and make sure a close relative or friend knows where to find it.